Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos

Presentation of Centro de Arte de Caja de Burgos


The Centre of Arts Caja de Burgos (CAB) is a brand-new building situated in the environs of the Gothic church of San Esteban. Its location in the high area of Burgos’ historic centre causes it to be incorporated into an attractive cultural itinerary that, setting off from the Cathedral allows to visit the church of San Nicolas, the interesting reredos Museum and the recently restored group of buildings of the Castle’s fortress.


Composed of three original bodies that ‘tower’ over the city and suggest a permanent ‘dialogue’ with it, the building has several exhibitory spaces interconnected by means of walkways from which, apart from other elements situated in lower floors, inspiring urban vistas can be seen.


The Caja de Burgos collection, -comprised of over 600 works by well-known contemporary artists and which is displayed on a continuous if episodic basis-, currently occupies one of the floors where periodical revisions regarding thematic and formal concerns of the collection take place. The acquisitions are a reflection of the exhibitory proposals and they try to bridge the gaps in the artistic trajectory of certain artists as well as in the thematic content of the collection, which is generically referred to human beings, society, nature and the close interrelationship between these three basic elements of our existence, always bearing in mind the formal contributions in the various artistic mediums or disciplines.


The CAB hosts a varied exhibitory program whose intention is to show what is being presently done in the arts world, featuring a strong emphasis on new trends. To the exhibitions by Spanish artists other ones by foreign ones, who will contribute to estimate the right dimensions of contemporary creation complex world by means of their generational perspective and outlook, will be progressively added.


Thematic exhibitions gathering proposals about concerns related to our modern day life and environment, didactic workshops and experimental projects –both individual and collective- that interconnect the mediums of visual and audiovisual arts, net-art, architecture, music and stage arts, are among the activities that will constitute the CAB’s program: all of which will help the new centre to become a living, dynamic, connected with society space, much after the spirit it was conceived in.



Publicado el jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2011
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